About LoSo

Since salt was discovered in Ancient Asia 4,000 years ago it has been a precious commodity.  It was so revered that Roman solider were actually paid in salt…hence the expression: a man worth his salt. But today, consumers salt to a fault. Excessive sodium is harmful particularly for over 170 million who suffer with obesity, high blood pressure or hyper tension, kidney or liver diseases, osteoporosis, …

But there is a major health push occurring with the USDA and the American Heart Association urging the reduction of daily sodium intake to 1,500 mg  as opposed to the 3,200 mg average. A serving of table salt ( ¼ teaspoon) contains over  575 mg of sodium.  So if you use a teaspoon of salt per day you are taking in 2,300.

Dan Abraham, a serial entrepreneur, who goes under the moniker of Cajun Dan, creator of LoSo, is all too aware of the issues with excessive sodium. After 2 hospital stays he discovered that food WITHOUT table salt is not very flavorful.  His mother complains about her food provided at her senior facility. It lacks flavor, as well. Why? Because they reduce the salt! So do schools, the military, prisons, health conscious restaurants and hotels/casinos….

But Healthy Foods need flavor! So Cajun Dan got with Dr. Marvin Moncada at LSU Food Incubator and started kicking around some salt substitutes, not alternatives like Mrs. Dash.  But rather actual substitutes, the majority of which use potassium chloride, triggering  a bitter metallic after taste. After months of trial, Dan created LoSo Original and followed it with LoSo Spicy, LoSo Seafood and LoSo Bar B Que. All are real salt substitutes because they are low sodium  and full of flavor.

In over 300 taste tests, consumers have opted for LoSo over any other seasoning… with or without sodium. The results are overwhelming,  as is LoSo’s flavor.

In April of 2019, LoSo partnered with Ochsner Foundation Hospital’s Eat Fit program and began to reach out to partners to market/distribute LoSo to grocery and food service. The reception has been amazing. LoSo is growing at a staggering rate,  driven by consumers’ demand for a healthy flavor substitute.

“LoSo delivers a fresh, tantalizing taste which is unrivaled. There is nothing in the market that has so much salt taste and is only 125 mg  per serving. The celery , onion and garlic, together with our other spices cause your mouth to feel fresh and you crave more. You have to taste it to appreciate how truly remarkable it is! And we put our money where our mouth is. If you try any of our  LoSos and they are not full of flavor as we state, contact us for a full refund,” states Dan.