What is LoSo? 

LoSo is a complex low sodium seasoning/flavor enhancer with only 125mg of sodium per ¼ teaspoon serving.

What makes LoSo special?

LoSo has been designed to provide a robust salty taste with no aftertaste. It is a flavor enhancer as well as a salt substitute, in a league of its own. There is nothing in the Salt Substitute Category or Salt Alternative Category (contains no salt at all – Mrs. Dash) that provide real salt flavor without a nasty metallic aftertaste if they provide any salt flavor at all. You can spend your money trying various products like Nu Salt or No Salt and see what we mean… LoSo is a superior low sodium product with amazing taste! We feel so strongly about LoSo flavor that we guaranty it has a robust, salty flavor with no nasty aftertaste or your money back!

Why low sodium?

There are over 170 million people in the US alone who need it to help with their hypertension, diabetes and obesity as well as stomach cancer, vertigo, renal issues…   Even those without a condition should try it. LoSo is delicious. Just a healthier way to shake up your taste buds.

Why 4 flavors of LoSo?

Different pallets desire different tastes:

Original LoSo is full of flavor …robust flavor and can be used on virtually anything from soups and salads to gravies and meats.

Spicy LoSo has a tad a red pepper to kick it up just a notch but not enough to burn you out. We want you to taste your food, NOT MASK IT with red pepper and paprika like so many seasoning do.

Seafood LoSo is a blend with a hint of lemon/lime which makes it great for Seafood but also on any type of Mexican dish. It amazing on avocados!

Bar B Que Loso it fantastic on beef, chicken or pork but also fantastic on sweet potatoes and fruit. Just a dash can make your deserts pop as well… cobblers, pies, bread puddings…You won’t believe it!


You can buy LoSo online on LoSoFoods.com and Amazon.com or at the following retailers:
In Baton Rouge: Alexander’s Market, Calvin’s Bocage Market, Maxwell’s Market, Spectrum Fitness
In New Orleans: NOLA Discount Pharmacy on Clearview and on Vets Blvd/Sena Drive, Majoria Drugs and Canseco’s Market on Metairie Road

Is LoSo healthier and better for you?

Clinical research has announced that reducing sodium definitely impacts hypertension. DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) Studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins University Medical Center and Pennington Biomedical Research Center all conclude that LOW SODIUM is necessary to reduce high blood pressure. Current sodium intake in the US averages over 3400mg per person per day. The American Heart Association (AHA) want people to reduce to 2300mg per day. Their ideal target is 1500mg per day. If that was accomplished the CDC (Center for Disease Control) states it would save over $20 in medical costs yearly.

LoSo, at only 125mg of sodium and with no nasty aftertaste, is the ideal solution for those who crave salt. With LoSo you can use 4 servings per meal and hit the 1500mg threshold the AHA desires to.

Why do people love salt?

Salt is an addiction…as strong as cocaine or nicotine. There has been an area of the brain associated with addictions and actually identified salt(sodium) being addictive.  Since first discovered by the Chinese 6,000 years ago, salt has been a desired commodity. The soldiers of Ancient Rome were actually paid in salt… hence the expression: a man worth his salt.

Why should I look to reduce sodium?

Table Salt (NaCl) is in virtually everything that you eat which is processed. It’s used not only for flavoring but also as a preservative. Everything from fast food and ice cream, to processed meat and sauces to soda. It’s even in prescription medications.

The consequences are huge! Salt causes fluid retention. Since fat is 90 fluid… salt impacts obesity. Your heart is designed to handle a certain flow of blood. Added fluid impacts your heart as well. It has to pump more to circulate your blood.  Added fluids also put pressure on your kidneys.

In general, your body is like an engine running on blood and fluids. When you add too much salt you retain more fluids which taxes your engine.

Where can I find LoSo?

LoSofoods.com has our products online as does Amazon.com  .  Retailers are beginning to carry it in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. We are striving to have insurance companies, hospitals and schools begin to use it as well as the military and Meals on Wheels. Most people should be on low sodium diets. Ask for it wherever you dine or shop  Ask for it at your children’s schools or your local hospital.

Helps us spread the word and truly shake things up with LoSo… we can truly save lives!   For more information contact   Dan@losofoods.com      225.205.3134