Intuitive retailers are embracing the current “Healthier Foods” initiative, as the next big wave. There are over 170 million in the USA suffering from obesity, high blood pressure, kidney disease, hypertension, osteoporosis and other maladies who need low sodium products. But noted experts predict that to succeed in the healthy foods market you must deliver flavor.

The LoSo Family of Flavor can help accomplish this goal. At only 125 mg per serving , you can use about 4 times more LoSo than you can table salt and be at about the same sodium level. This is unheard of but a reality with LoSo.

The LoSo Family packaging has been designed by marketing experts to engage consumption. A  “Money Back Flavor Guaranteee” is provided as is a social cause marketing program, Lidz 4 Kidz, to engage and empower  supporters of any non profits to raise needed funds for their communities with LoSo.

LoSo flavors have been crafted by taste and nutrition experts who have delivered the most robust, tantalizing, Low Sodium Seasonings and Rubs on the market today!

LoSo actually freshens your mouth and triggers a craving for more. After over 300 taste tests, conversion should run 50% +. Repeat-buy rate should run over 75%.

One taste and you will see why it should be on your shelves